Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The story

A day or two ago I posted a quick preview sketch of what is supposed to be a character in an upcoming project of mine and said I'll post the storyline here so here it goes.

The story revolves around death as a physical being and a pianist(the girl in the sketch). Death is a lonely being with a sole purpose of taking lives,without anything to protect and bored with his own ''life''. The girl is blind and alone,an orphan without a family.Her time comes and death is sent to take her life.He appears at her home,an old house in ruins.He can hear the piano,interested in the sound he goes to the room and sees the girl playing,she doesn't notice him,he stands there listening,he always enjoyed listening to the sound of a piano.Suddenly the playing stops and she points her eyes at him,he gets a flashback,he doesn't remember the things he saw''was it a dream?'' he asks himself knowing full well that he can not dream.The girl,scared,asks him what does he want,he remains silent.In all these years he doesn't remember anyone noticing him.He leaves.

That would be the beginning of the storyline,I'm still not sure what the name of the comic will be.I planned on calling it The life of Death.If anyone has any suggestions let me know in the comments.